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Empowering communities through open source technology.

Our mission

We believe open source accelerates the pace of innovation in the world. By sharing our code, our stack, or even our hardware designs, we're moving the industry forward while giving other companies and individuals a chance to use our platform to scale more quickly and build great products.


Meta builds breakthrough technology that opens the world to everyone.


Open source is core to our engineering DNA.


Open source strengthens the engineering community.

Meta is built on open source technology

Open source is a chance for us to share our work and the challenges we’re working to solve: challenges of speed, complexity, and deploying at scale.

We're doing this out in the open; sharing our research, our code, our hardware, and our design approach with others in the industry. Engaging with the community promotes thought-leadership and encourages talented people of all backgrounds to think about contributing their ideas and effort to moving the world forward.


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"We knew that we were going to be really active in the open source space, because of both the community aspect and the technologies that we had to share. We’re getting developers across the industry, different perspectives, diverse perspectives. We love to see the growth of developers. It’s social, and we’re a social company."
- Cami Williams, Developer Advocate