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Check out some of our projects to start working, or learn more below about open source with our beginner-friendly checklist.

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Getting started with Meta Open Source

Here is a 6-step playbook to help you navigate your way.


Watch our introductory video

New to open source? Watch our Developer Advocate Cami Williams explain the basics of open source software and how to start contributing to projects.

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Create a GitHub account

Meta hosts its open source projects on GitHub. You’ll need a GitHub account to contribute to those projects as you submit issues and pull requests.

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Find a project

From web and mobile development to AI and machine learning, there’s hopefully a project that interests you. Check out our Projects page to browse everything we’re working on:

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Read the docs

A GitHub repo should contain a README providing an overview of the project, and possibly a link to its website. Many of our projects use Docusaurus for their documentation.

See examples of project documentation


Sign the CLA

We require all contributors to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA) before they can commit content to any of our projects.

View and sign the CLA


Submit your first pull request

You’re ready to start contributing! Check out this guide on GitHub to learn about pull requests, which lets others know about changes you’ve pushed to a repository.

Learn about pull requests


Answers to out most frequently asked questions

Check out our step-by-step getting started guide. This will get you on your way to contributing to Meta Open Source, or any other, open source projects.

We recommend starting with React for web development. For mobile development, start with React Native. Check out all our web and mobile projects here.

The best way to get support for an open source project is to file an issue from the GitHub repo. Some projects also have means of support, such as Discord and other channels. Check out the GitHub repo or project documentation for more information, as each project's support channel options may vary.

Our website is the primary launch point for all channels provided by Meta Open Source. That said, we have four primary means of communication, including our Twitter account, blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel and LinkedIn page.

The most common licenses are MIT and Apache. That said, with over 600 projects, we use many different types of licenses. Check out the LICENSE file in the project's GitHub repo for the exact license used.